Q&A with Lamara Sogomonyan

Lamara’s short film ‘It’s a Match’ is part of our 2020 official selection.

What was the inspiration behind making your film?

21st century - the century of apps. I began to wonder what motivates us to write "hello" to a stranger, open the door to a stranger, let this stranger into our life, and in the end - trust your life to the stranger. 

What did you learn from the experience making the film?

Trust - trust to yourself, to people who were willing to share this path with you, believed and supported. if your idea is formulated , it will find a response and meet like-minded people.

How has the film been received?

I am glad that the audience was not indifferent. Denial, empathy, and acceptance.

What do you love the most about the filmmaking process?

The birth of an idea - the first minutes - when a thought is formulated in your head - which moves you for a further time - until it takes shape.

What is your advice to filmmakers making their debut short film?

Do not be afraid - open your eyes, listen and be an artist - reflect what you see, feel, hear and what you believe.

What are you up to next?

I’m currently working on a psychological drama. Exploring the boundaries of "normality".